CV. Gudang Madu Sumatera

CV. The Sumatran Honey Warehouse (GMS) is a company engaged in beekeeping and is domiciled in Jambi City.

GMS is managed by the millennial youth who were born from the INDOENSIAN HONEY INSPIRATOR community (ILMI).

GMS was established according to a notary deed on 13-05-2020.


The background was the concern of the founders of GMS about the backwardness of the beekeeping industry in Indonesia and the damage to the Indonesian honey market which was dominated by synthetic honey mixed and syrup (SOS).

GMS was established based on the vision and mission of saving and prospering honey breeders and traders who are involved in the beekeeping industry.

Self Sufficiency in Honey for Indonesia

With massive & structured educational innovations to various regions, especially in Sumatra. GMS produces excellent beekeepers in potential areas, so that the natural potential of Sumatra in particular can be well managed.

The extent of natural forests, plantation crops, industrial plantations and the green earth of Sumatra, should be a paradise for beekeepers, if managed properly and maximally, honey self-sufficiency will be realized for Indonesia, so that it is no longer flooded by synthetic honey from abroad which dominate the domestic honey market.

Producing the Best Honey

We are very serious about realizing self-sufficiency in honey that is truly pure natural from nectar, which is needed by manufacturers of honey product packaging, herbal mixtures, the food industry, pharmaceuticals, and other health products.

GMS manages the apis mellifera colony and productive trigona bee species on a large scale, in collaboration with dozens of bee farmer groups with a sustainable & systemized community empowerment system.

Bee Colony

For the spot / concentration of bees, GMS collaborates with PT. WIRAKARYA SAKTI (SINAR MAS GRUP), placing bee colony boxes in nearly 300,000 hectares of acacia plants planted by the agroforestry company as the main food for honey bees.

Acacia plants emit extraflora nectar from the base of the leaves which never stops and knows no season, in contrast to the nectar from other plants that flower seasonally, so we can produce abundant, stable, and year-round pure honey without breaking.

We guarantee the availability of supply for producers who need pure honey supply, both local and export needs with the best quality standards.

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