Propolis, Definition and Benefits

Bees are small animals capable of producing honey. However, bees also produce another compound called propolis. So what is the definition of propolis and its benefits for health?

Definition of Propolis

Propolis is also almost the same as honey, its content is able to treat and nourish the body. The texture of propolis is sticky like gum. Propolis also contains a lot of compounds that are able to overcome the damage to the body’s organs.

Like honey, propolis produced by bees also contains substances that are beneficial to the body. In bees, propolis is used to repair gaps in damaged hives.

Propolis is a type of sap produced by honey bees by collecting it from several types of trees, sap streams, and also other botanical sources. Propolis has a greenish brown color and is sticky. The usefulness of this sap is as a liquid used by bees to repair gaps in the hive.

Although only sap, but propolis has almost the same benefits as bee honey. The content of compounds in it reaches more than 300 chemical compounds. The most abundant compounds are polyphenols. The function of this compound is as an antioxidant that can overcome body damage and cure disease.

Benefit of Propolis

1. Disguise Wounds

Several studies have shown that propolis is effective in disguising wounds. Propolis contains natural antiseptic substances, so it can help the wound healing process become faster. If there is a wound on the body can be smeared using propolis and the wound will dry in a short time.

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2. Overcoming Acne

Having complaints of acne on the face which is quite annoying, just use propolis. The content of substances in it can kill acne-causing bacteria. There is also a natural antiseptic to relieve inflamed acne and irritation of the skin. Propolis will also help restore the skin layer damaged by acne.

3. Anti Inflamasi dan Antioksidan

Propolis provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Both of these substances will help to increase the body’s immunity. Propolis also contains natural antibiotics that are safe for consumption to maintain better health.

4. Reducing Pain after Oral Surgery

Not only as a topical medicine, propolis can also be used as a mouthwash. This method will help speed healing in patients undergoing oral surgery. The content of substances in it can reduce pain. Dissolve a few drops of propolis in warm water to gargle.

5. Cure Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus type 2. Most of these diseases are cured using topical medications such as acyclovir. But there is also a natural way by using propolis. This method is proven to speed up the healing process.

6. Preventing the Development of Cancer Cells

One of the benefits of propolis that has received the most attention from the public is its use in preventing the development of cancer cells. This has been proven and has been tested by experts. They say that propolis can be a natural anti-cancer herbal medicine.

Not only that, propolis can also function to block the pathway from the spread of cancer cells so that they don’t spread. In other words, you can use propolis as a cancer companion drug so that the healing process can run optimally.

7. Can Treat Dengue Fever

In addition to being used as a cancer companion drug, propolis is often associated as an ingredient to restore the body’s resistance from the corona virus. However, it is undeniable that propolis can also accelerate healing from dengue fever.

This of course has been tested by special experts, they say that the results that have been studied are propolis extracts that are effective in helping to increase the number of platelets and can also accelerate the healing process from dengue fever. Often propolis will be used as an adjunct therapy.

8. Prevents Transmission of Viruses and Bacteria

Propolis is also known to prevent the transmission of diseases that are often caused by viruses and bacteria. This is evidenced by the presence of chemical compounds in propolis. Of course the benefits are very efficacious as a medicinal ingredient as well as immune vitamins.

With the presence of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and other ingredients, propolis is often used as an ingredient to ward off diseases caused by viruses and bacteria or even fungi. Not only that, propolis can cure tuberculosis.

9. Can Overcome Diabetes

In addition, propolis can also cure diabetes. This has received evidence from an expert, they researched that propolis has hypoglycemic activity and has various positive effects for the complications of diabetes.

The study also showed the results that by consuming propolis for diabetics, it will be very effective in controlling blood sugar levels and can affect and increase insulin resistance levels. So, it is suitable for regular consumption.

10. Paying attention to the side effects of propolis

It is undeniable that propolis has many health benefits. However, there are sometimes natural ingredient or certain drug have at least some side effects. Just like this propolis, usually will appear allergic reactions in certain body parts.

If you have an allergic reaction to honey, pollen or beeswax, it is recommended to avoid using this herbal propolis. Because everyone must have a different level of allergy, so the side effects will also be different. Be careful before consuming the propolis.

Description of propolis, definition, and benefits is a new method of healing. Bees are extraordinary animals. Apart from producing honey, bees also produce propolis. Both of these substances are equally very useful for maintaining a healthy body to cure several types of diseases

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