How to Consume Honey for Stomach Acid

Honey can be used as a medicine for various diseases. One of them is for stomach acid. There is a way of consumption of honey for stomach acid that is specifically done. If consumed regularly, stomach acid can be overcome.

Some Ways to Consume Honey for Stomach Acid

People with stomach acid, are required to be careful when consuming anything. Including for the consumption of honey, there are ways that must be considered properly. Consumption with irregular levels, potentially harmful to the stomach.

1. Selection of honey type

For people with stomach acid, the selection of the type of honey to be consumed is very important. According to some health scientists, the type of honey consumed to relieve stomach acid is honey that contains propolis and high organic acids, because propolis as a natural antibacterial and organic acid is good for treating wounds in the stomach. You can find different types of honey that have these criteria. One of them is honey from trigona.

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2. Pay attention to the dose

The normal dose of honey that can be consumed by people with stomach acid, approximately 1 teaspoon. This dose is in accordance with the results of heartburn research. After consuming honey with this dose, people with stomach acid will feel more relieved and do not feel pain in the stomach.

3. Mixing with Warm Water

A dose of honey one teaspoon that can be consumed directly, it has the potential to calm the condition of the stomach. But in some health situations of sufferers, drinking honey without any mixture is still felt to have less effect.

If you are one of the people with this situation, then you can try mixing a teaspoon of honey with one glass of warm water. This method is believed to help the performance of honey in overcoming stomach acid that is rising.

Make sure you mix it with warm water, and not hot water. Water that is too hot, it will have the potential to damage the content of honey. As a result, honey that enters the body will not give any effect.

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4. The Right Time to Drink Honey

Unlike other healthy and normal people, stomach acid sufferers are advised to consume honey at the right time. The time in question is a few minutes before eating and before going to bed, preferably recommended again after waking up before consuming anything directly drink honey.

These two times, will help the stomach work well if fed with a teaspoon of honey. Stomach acid will stabilize properly. So it won’t be easy to go up.

5. Using a Doctor Advice for Special Conditions

There are several conditions, which people with stomach acid should not carelessly consume honey. One of them is for people with pollen and bee allergies. People with this allergy, you should follow the doctor’s advice first before consuming honey. If you carelessly consume honey, then not the condition of the body can get worse.

Some of the recommendations on how to consume honey for stomach acid above, can be a valuable lesson for those of you who may be suffering from stomach disorders. Drinking honey should be adjusted to the condition of the body. Although honey itself contains substances that are good for health.

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