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"We make sure every drop of honey you will get are real honey"


"Regarding honey, just pure is not enough, but it must also be of high quality.."
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We are a trusted integrated beekeeping products and beekeeping tools company in Sumatra.

We continue to set quality standards to create superior products that can compete nationally and globally.

Vision and mission

We are very serious about realizing the self-sufficiency of honey that is completely pure natural from nectar, which is needed by manufacturers packaging honey products, mixed ingredients herbal products, food industry, pharmaceuticals, and other health products. To produce useful and quality products


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We set operational standards for the technicalities of beekeeping up to clean and hygienic post-harvest handling.


We provide melliefera and dorsata beeswax. Currently GMS is able to provide beeswax up to 2-3 tons per month.


We provide raw propolis with a high yield content, derived from propolis geniotrigona thorachica propolis can be used as a raw material liquid propolis or other purposes.

Bee pollen

Bee pollen is the pollen of a male flower that has picked up and collected by honeybees. GMS provides bee pollen from pollen of palm oil and corn crops

Royal jelly

The royal jelly that we sell is 100 percent pure royal jelly, so it must be stored at cold temperatures so as not to expire.

Beekeeping equipment

We also manufacture nest boxes, nest frames as well as honeycomb foundations.


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