10 Differences between Real and Fake Honey

Honey that has many benefits is pure honey. Unfortunately, nowadays a lot of honey has been given a mixture. Therefore, before buying you must know the difference between real and fake honey.

To get the benefits of honey that is very abundant, you have to buy it in a trusted place. If not, be sure to know the difference between real honey and fake ones like the following.

1. Difference from smell

If you have a sharp sense of smell, distinguishing real and fake honey can be by inhaling its aroma. If there is a smell like grass or flowers, it signifies the authenticity of honey. While fake honey usually only smells sweet.

2. Difference from Taste

Real honey has a sweet taste but is not left on the tongue because of its natural nature. If the honey drunk still leaves a sticky sweetness on the tongue, there is most likely a mixture of sweeteners in it.

3. Color Difference

Real honey has a much murier color than fake honey. Even because it is taken directly from the hive, usually found the remains of very small parts of the bee’s body.

There is a type of honey that is black in color, this black honey comes from bees that suck the nectar of mahogany flowers. The benefits of black honey include to lower blood sugar.

4. Sifat Kekentalannya

Real honey has a very thick texture so it is difficult to move when shaken. In addition, when honey is placed on paper, it will be difficult to seep because it is too thick. This is much different from mixed honey that easily seeps.

5. Honey When Flowing

Real honey can flow without disjointed when tried with a spoon. This is because there is no diluted water mixture in it.

One of the characteristics of the difference between fake honey and the original is that, when you try to lift it, the honey flows down smoothly. When honey flows without breaking or forming like a lump up to the bottom it means it’s a sign the honey is real.

Whether honey is real or fake but not of quality it will flow intermittently. Premium honey will have a water content of at least less than 18%, so for its shelf life is quite long. So, to make sure you try to turn the bottle if the air bubbles in the honey rise means more water content.

6. His reaction with water

The difference between real and fake honey that is quite unique to some people is its reaction with water. When the original honey is placed in a dish and watered, then when the water is removed, the rest of the honey will form a hexagonal or beehive-like beehive.

7. Ability to dissolve in water

Because it does not contain a mixture of water, real honey will be difficult to dissolve. Even honey falls to the bottom of the water.

8. His reaction with fire

Real honey does not have high humidity like water, so it can burn even for a while. Fake honey cannot be burned at all because it contains water and sugar.

9. His reaction with heat

Real honey when heated will not give off foam. While fake honey is heated, it tends to remove a lot of foam from the sugar and water mixture in it.

10. Reaction with Vinegar Acid

Real honey will not cause a reaction when mixed with vinegar. While fake honey is easy to foam because it reacts with high acid levels.

11. Texture

The difference between real and fake honey is the easiest to try before buying a product is to try the texture. Real honey will not feel sticky on the skin. If the hands feel sticky when touching honey, it can be ascertained that a lot of sugar is mixed in it.

12. Not Foaming When Heated

Then you can try the original honey by heating it. When heated, the original honey will rearamelize quite quickly and the results will not be frothy. Unlike the case with fake honey, if exposed to hot water he will quickly froth. So, you have to be careful in testing.

The foam usually appears in fake honey due to the addition of moisture, water and excessive sugar. So, make sure you buy honey from the original place or factory or place that does provide special honey. So there’s no need to worry about fakes.

13. Testing with bread

Knowing some things related to real honey or not, there are actually many ways that you can do. This is usually the easiest to do and often people test to be able to find out the authenticity of the honey. One of them is testing it with bread.

Try to apply the honey that has been purchased to a piece of fresh bread. If the honey is real, then the bread will be hard textured in just a few minutes. However, the opposite is true if the honey is fake, the fresh bread will become wet. So, pay close attention to the changes.

14. Test with the Absorption Test

Furthermore, you can still do other ways to be able to test the honey that has been purchased is real or fake. Be sure to pay close attention to how the change of honey, if it is proven to fake, then there is no need to continue to consume because it is dangerous.

One way that can be done to test the honey is real or not is to test it with an absorption test. Try to drip the honey onto the oil, paper, if it is real it will not be easily absorbed. Unlike the fake, the honey will be absorbed quickly.

15. Testing Through Its Clarity

Fake honey will look cleaner, different from real honey is even murky. This is not because it is dirty, but the honey has pollen content or sometimes there are parts of the bee’s body that enter the honey.

However, remember does not mean clear honey is oplosan (fake). Usually this original honey will be heated or even filtered for several times with the aim of producing cleaner and longer lasting honey.

Although there are many ways to distinguish real and fake honey, but to be safer and practical you can buy honey directly at the production site. That way, honey is guaranteed to be original and do not need to bother checking.

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